Driveway Dumpster Rentals / Terms & Conditions

Limited List of Terms and Conditions (full list shown on service agreement):

1. Maximum period often (10) days with the container before extra daily charges.

2. You Must Call and schedule the pick-up of the container before the end of the (10) days.

3. Anything over (10) days may incur $8.00 per day for loss of use of can. Over tonnage and day rent due at time of pickup.

4. All containers must be loaded level. Overloaded containers will not be hauled.

5. The following items ARE NOT permitted in the container:
Tires, fuel tanks, filters, appliances containing Freon – light ballast,
batteries, asbestos, liquids (paints, cleaners, etc…), any and all substances prohibited by local, state, and federal law (including but not limited to illegal items listed above.)

6. Concrete, dirt & brick type materials must be loaded in 10, 15, or 20 yard boxes only. No trash whatsoever for clean fill boxes.

7. No excessively heavy materials or overloading of the container. If either occur the customer will be required to unload the heavy materials or the overload and if the customer fails to do the same within (1) week of written notice from Strouse Roll Off Inc., the materials will be dumped on site.

8. Any container weighing in excess of 5 tons is subject to an additional charge up to $42.00 per ton.

10. We are not responsible for damage to driveway, sidewalk, and grass/landscaping.

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